Aesthetic inheritance, integration of technology

Charnwoe Porcelain Slab, inheriting the international popular aesthetic essence, with modern and mature high-end porcelain slab technology, has been adhering to the accumulation of history and culture and the baptism of fashion and innovation culture, science and technology and modern culture are integrated with each other, with avant-garde fashion elements, between rationality and sensibility, it explains the responsibility and glory, success and wisdom of life. Let life enjoy fashion in time and realize the pursuit of expanding life pattern and vision.

High end customization, ideal life

Charnwoe Porcelain Slab, Pursuing the innovation of business operation mode, taking "high-end customization, ideal home" as the core of the brand, the company continuously innovates from the aspects of high-end quality, product customization, the beauty of ideal design, the beauty of art home, etc. the "high-end perfect customized space experience" has become the world's porcelain slab home model.

Large scale and rapid development

Charnwoe Porcelain Slab, with the world's advanced digital supply chain management system, Italy's high-end brands SACMI, LB, BMR are our long-term and stable strategic partners, with strong production strength to ensure the supply capacity. The high-end porcelain slab quality enables a perfect marketing system, and each link can guarantee that the oversized 1600 * 3200mm products can be provided to customers and engineering purchasers in a timely manner for different customization needs, so that consumers can enjoy the ideal space of high-end fashion customization. With innovative thinking, super R & D and cutting-edge design, Charnwoe can update dozens of new products every year. Now it has become an influential modern enterprise specializing in porcelain slab production.

International concept and trend

Work together with international porcelain slab design masters to design and develop Charnwoe Porcelain Slab, adhere to the concept of product internationalization, so that the world trend in creative house can be perfectly presented. Cutting edge design with high-end customized high-end service market positioning, and global collection of design inspiration, design and development teams often travel to Italy, Milan, Spain, France for fashion trend collection, the world's fashion trends into products. Charnwoe, super high cost performance that can enjoy the international trend of high-quality porcelain slab.

Facing the more brilliant prospect of China's porcelain slab market, Charnwoe Porcelain Slab perfectly combines quality with environmental protection, low-carbon and green, integrates high-level product design, R & D and technological innovation forces, cooperates with the advantages of large-scale production, satisfies different levels of consumer demand in many aspects, innovates the trend of living space, and achieves the future of "high-end customized ideal life".

Core Strengths


  • 2020Dreams and sailingTake advantage of the wind and waves to develop the market and create a brilliant future
  • 2019Deep ploughing and landingSpend a lot of money to introduce international advanced equipment and build a giant in slate home furnishing industry
  • 2018Understanding and deep researchAnalyze the new outlet of industry category and the future of new species
  • 2017Exploration and strategyInsight into the industry trend, explore new opportunities for development, and plan to layout the future strategic blueprint of Guangdong Zhongyan


The company has invested heavily in the establishment of an environment-friendly and intelligent production base for porcelain slab products in Enping, Guangdong Province. It has introduced Italian porcelain slab intelligent production equipment, including 38000 tons of sakmi roll molding press, 18 channel inkjet printer, LB distributor, BMR polishing line and other first-class advanced equipment. From the product raw materials, production, processing, storage and transportation, the network, intelligent, digital monitoring and management system is adopted to lead the brand to the road of large-scale and high-speed development.